Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 161 Review

Central’ methods are very harsh, they literally crucified that one guy… They really are trying to make an example of their students.  Azami’s reign is similar to some kind of dictator, I think that’ll make it all the more sweater when he is defeated and central is taken down. 

Again we are reminded how Central is trying to stop their students creative thinking and trying to turn them into mindless robots that follow orders of the higher ups.  I wonder what Dojims thinks of this and what would he have to say about the state of Tootsuki, I’d like to see him try to interfere with what’s happening.  I feel like the students may need s bit of help from previous Alumni, but I doubt we will see Saiba anytime soon though…

Souma’s performance was very impressive, it was awesome seeing him keep up with the first seat with help from his time at the stagiare with Shinomiya.

Eishi’s character is still pretty interesting, as a perfectionist it’s no surprise he managed to rise up so high.  You could tell throughout how impressed he was with Souma’s performance, but the invitation for him to be his right hand man was totally unexpected.

I feel that it’s obvious Souma will reject it due to his competitive nature and independence as a chef, not to mention his opposition to central, I’m still curious to see what exactly Eishi has in store for Souma.  What would it mean to be his right hand man exactly? A part of me hopes that Souma will try to establish at least some connection with Eishi so he can learn from him.

I say this chapter is about a 3.5/5 not much happened apart from remembering how impressive Souma is and Eishi’s invitation to Souma.  Though nonetheless it was still an enjoyable chapter and I’m sure the following chapters will make this one worth it.  This chapter will probably become relevant again later on in the story and the answer to Eishi’s invitation to Souma should make the series more exciting for sure! 


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