Dragon Ball Super: Tournament Winners Revealed

Thanks to Kanzenshuu.com‘s Herms98, we have translations of episode summaries for episodes 38-40 of the Dragon Ball Super anime. 

These episode titles unveil the ability of Hit as well as who wins the tournament between universe 6 and 7.

 We also now know the powers of Hit – he can stop time for 0.1 seconds, which allows him to move slightly faster than his opponent.  This power reminds me of A certain two characters from the Jojo’s bizarre adventure manga, it would be cool to see Hit make a return with this ability more developed in the future.

I’m also curious, does Goku us Kaioken along with Ssj Blue or just in his base form?

So with Universe 7’s win it seems Champa tries to destroy his team members, the mysterious person that steps in the ring to save them in my opinion will be Monaka.  Though that does seem pretty obvious.

With Goku winning against Hit, we won’t be able to see Monaka and how strong he really is unless he is the guy who stops Champa and with Beerus having had trouble fighting him in the past it’s very plausible that Monaka will be the one to stop Champa.    

Whatever happens it doesn’t seem like this is the last of Dragon Ball Super.  Looks like we will have more to go if we are to assume so from an interview with Toriyama and Toyotaro (mangaka for Dragon Ball Super).  It seems as though a character related to the future will make an appearance in Dragon Ball Super.  Let’s look forward to the future of the series! 


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