One Piece chapter 821 Review

The colour-spread was pretty awesome, Oda showed off some beautiful art.  I’m curious as the why Carrot and Pedro were on the cover too though, looks like maybe they’ll be along for the ride for the next arc.


The chapter starts off where the last one left off, with Jack and his men attacking Zunisha (Zou), continuously attacking one of his legs.

What is One Piece now, Game of Thrones?  With Momo showing the ability to hear the voice of Zunisha just as Luffy can and Momo having the ability to see what Zunisha can see, will Luffy gain this ability to see things from animals perspective and communicate with them.

It seems las though maybe the people who can hear the voice of all things can close off their senses and take on those of animals around them.

It seems as though the power to hear all things is definitely more potent in Momo right now, but it would be interesting to see Luffy train and perfect it, seeing as he spent a lot of time with animals training for two years you’d think maybe it was something that could have happened in this time, it makes me wonder whether he ever heard any of the animals on that islands voice.

Zunisha swings.png

Is Jack dead?! It seems as though Zunisha killed Jack’s crew, though I’m sure there are non devil fruit users I don’t see a lot of them making it out alive and it seems too soon for Jack to die at this point… It would be crazy for him to escape death twice though.

I’m also really curious to hear about what crime exactly it was that Zunisha committed for it to have to continuously follow orders for so long as a punishment.

This chapter had me excited all the way through, especially the communication between Zou, Luffy and Momo.  It was very interesting to note that both Roger and Momo’s father had also heard the voice of Zou.  Kind of seems like history is repeating itself.

I feel like it’s possible Luffy may home this ability to hear the voice of all things at the place Roger found at the end of the New World, the same place Crocus told them they should go to.  If not as late as that point then it’s possible this is something he may improve in Wano Kuni.

At the end I was definitely expecting an extra page with an epic Kaido panel, but I guess I got my hopes up.  That being said I give this chapter a 4.5/5, awesome chapter and we had a lot of interesting developments going on.  I can’t wait for the next one!


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