One Piece: Vs Four Emperors Arc

According to today’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, in the 18th issue to be released on April 4th, One Piece will enter the “Vs Four Emperor’s” Arc.

It seems as though Luffy and the rest of the straw hats will consecutively face off against the four emperors.  Though I wonder about whether Luffy will end up fighting Shanks or not, maybe a friendly spar or potentially Shanks may want to test Luffy, but I don’t see a hostile fight between them without some crazy unforeseen circumstances, but knowin  Oda he may be able to pull this off.

Thinking about Luffy’s character he may not give Shanks a choice but to fight him to test his strength and see how far he’s come.

Though sadly it seems as though with this and the unveiling of how to get to Raftel, One Piece may soon be coming to an end, it seems as though we may only have some few years to go, so let’s enjoy the rest while we can!


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