Pokemon Sun and Moon Confirmed.

With the Pokemon themed Nintendo Direct for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, Pokemon Sun and Moon have been confirmed to release on the Nintendo 3DS this 2016 holiday season.  These games will probably release late November.

Below we have the trailer for the introduction of the two games, which will have interaction with Pokemon Red, Blue and Yelloe Versions for the 3DS through the Pokemon Bank system.

During the trailer the narrator says “in 2016 it all comes together in an all new Pokemon adventure”, after showing all the first set of games for each new generation.  What does he mean by “it all comes together” are they going to tie up every story into this new game? Are we going to be able to visit each region? Or perhaps, is this the last Pokemon game? (Which I highly doubt.)

Though I think their choice of word indicates that somehow this new game will have some kind of connection to the previous generations.  We know this new region will host first gen Pokemon, assuming these firetrucks are from the new region as we see a Blastoise sitting in the back of one, (A throwback to the Squirtle Squad from the anime?)

We also have screenshots of concept art for the game.  It looks as though from the redesigns this may be our first step into the seventh generation.  A character in one of the concept arts is also resembles Red a lot, could this be the new main character?  Though it’d be nice to have customisation in this game too.


We also got what looks like the creation process of one of the new Pokemon involved in the game, possibly the new regional bird  Pokemon.


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