Dragon Ball Super Chapter 9 Spoilers

Spoilers are out for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 9!

Goku wins against Botamo

Goku’s punches kicks and even Kamehameha doesn’t work against Botamo because of his slippery body.  Goku still hasn’t transformed, Vegeta is unsure about whether or not that would even help against Botamo’s body.  Goku grab’s Botamo by his legs and drops him out of bounds after holding him of the edge of the arena in order to win against him.

Frost vs Goku

Frost is a gentleman and the opposite of Freiza.  Goku and Frost are fighting so fast that Krillin and Roshi can’t see them.

Frost Transforms

He transforms into a form similar to Freiza’s Third as Goku comments to him that he knows he’s not using his full power and so Frost says he’ll transform for him.  Goku upon seeing this says how he’s different to Freiza (since Goku never saw Freiza’s Third Form), Frost is confused and asked Goku what he means but he says for them not to get into that while fighting.

After hitting Goku with a ki blast, Frost tells him he should quit as not to injure him further.  Goku thanks him for showing him his full power and transforms into SSGSS, to which Frost realizes that Goku is a Saiyan.  When Goku goes to attack Frost, Frost takes on his final form and the chapter ends.


Though from the Dragon ball Super anime, it seems Goku will lose against Frost, as we know Piccolo is due for a bout with him. By Goku’s look Hit seems more and more mysterious, he seems to be giving off some kind of negative energy.



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