One Piece: Burning Blood – Marineford Characters Confirmed

Thanks to a scan from Weekly Shonen Jump we have four more characters confirmed for One Piece: Burning Blood, all from the Marineford Arc.  These four characters are:

  •  Akainu/Sakuzuki
  • Marco the Phoenix 
  • Jimbei
  • Whitebeard

Akainu is the least surprising as we already have Aokiji confirmed as a playable character.  It’s nice to know we’ll be able to play as Whitebeard and it’s cool to have a fishman representative in Jimbei.

Hopefully we will have some more characters introduced, possible more female characters.  Jewelry Bonney is one that comes to mind, also Koala could be a cool character to play as, not to mention Alvida.  Which reminds me, it would also be great to have Buggy as well as Mr 2 and Mr 3 in the game to play and I’m sure everybody is expecting for Blackbeard to be in the game too.

Afro Luffy and Kung Fu Luffy are also included in the game as Pre-Order bonuses.   

Either way I’m sure we’ll get a whole bunch of characters and costumes as DLC after the games release. 


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