Dragon Ball Super Chapter 8 Spoilers

We have some spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 8 thanks to translations from the Korean version:

Cabe is definitely a Saiyan, he is a pure hearted good Saiyan the same as Goku.

Saiyan’s from Universe 6 are from Planet Salad.  Could we see more Saiyans throughout the rest of Dragon Ball Super?

Cabe’s clothes are the traditional clothes that Saiyans wore before Freiza introduced them to battle armour.  Cabe and Vegeta spoke and Vegeta said he wanted to visit planet Salad.  It’s possible we’ll get to see Vegeta and Goku interact with other Saiyans.  The Saiyan’s in universe 6 lost their tails due to evolution.  This could be what happened with Goten and Trunks.  They are also employed to fight bad guys.

Magetta is from an alien species called “Metal Men” from a Metalic planet.

Majin Buu failed the test to enter the tournament, he couldn’t even spell his own name. Will Beerus team have to fight with four fighters or will somebody replace him?  Maybe even Jaco, for comedy relief or something.

Botamo and Goku are the first two to fight, Botamo is quick and slippery so Goku tries to wear him out.

Frost is the emperor of Universe 6, in a similar fashion to Freiza and seems to be a good guy as Piccolo couldn’t sense an evil Aura from him.

Looks like the chapter will be a fun one to read, this arc looks to be fun as the tournament is elimination style. Goku is the first fighter and will continue to battle the Universe Six team until he loses. Monaka is the last in the universe 7 team to fight on Beerus’ request.  Toriyama is creating a lot more information and lore in the Dragon Ball world, looks like this will be a fun one!


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