One Piece Chapter 812 Review

It was obvious that Peckoms was a Mink at this stage, that tidbit from Wanda about him being a delinquent was pretty entertaining though.  It was nice to see that Peckoms was very grateful to the Strawhats, but what happened to his character? We haven’t seen him on Zou, so either Capone killed him or he went back with Sanji and Ceaser.  The latter seems more likely, but what bugs me more is why is it that Capone shot Peckoms if they weren’t going to kill Sanji in the first place?  Though maybe he was protecting the rest of the Straw Hats.


It turns out that Capone is a Castle Man with a 3 billion beri bounty.  Which is even higher than Jack’s who was 1 billion!  It seems like the Yonkou’s right hand men have some crazy bounties, what has Capone been doing to get such a crazy high bounty exactly?  His powers were pretty interesting too, are those people real people that have shrunk to fit inside him due to his power, or are they miniature made people for his power?  I wasn’t quite sure on that but his power seems pretty interesting.

It’d be cool if he could shrink and carry around his crew to remain inconspicuous when travelling.

So we find out Sanji has gone of to Big Mom’s Tea Party and to marry the 35th Daughter of the Charlotte Family “Pudding”, with Big Mom being “Charlotte Linlin”, we can assume her to be the mother of “Charlotte Pudding”.  Sanji probably agreed to this on the terms that Big Mom leave the rest of the Strawhats alone, which is why the rest are left on Zou and Sanji and Caesar have left.  It would be pretty funny if Sanji agreed to marry this girl because she was actually really attractive, but with Big Mom as the mother it doesn’t seem very likely.  Though there are theories of Jewelry Bonney being her daughter, it’s possible this name is an alias to cover her relation to the Charlotte family, it could also explain why the World Government have been trying to take her in with such force, but I kind of doubt this.

Sanji Vinsmock

And we find out the name of the Family Sanji belongs to, he is the third son of the Vinsmock family.  What interests me is that Sanji actually has siblings, a minimum of two nonetheless. I’m also guessing that the Vin comes from Wine and Smock from smoking, but the name could turn out different when we get the official translation.  Regardless the Vinsmock family must be of some importance to either the Underground or the World Government, though I’m not so sure it’s okay for somebody of importance in the World Government to marry a well known powerful pirate.  It could be that this is Big Mom’s way of trying to gain safety and Protection from the World Nobles/Government or whoever Sanji’s family is involved with though.

This chapter was exciting and it was great to see Sanji again and find out a bit more with what went down with him.  This one was an easy 5/5 for me, I can’t wait to get more on what happened with Sanji next week, if Oda tears away from that it will take away from how great a set up chapter this was, though knowing what Oda is like with cliff hangers that really wouldn’t surprise me.


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