Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 155 Review

The chapter starts off with Matrona and Diane on their way to Vaizel in order to compete in the tournament, the interaction between them is cute.  You can really tell how much Diane appreciates and has missed Matrona and vice versa.

They notice a huge maze to which Matrona says only a giant with a huge amount of magical power can create, with this we can assume Dolor/Balor to be the one who created the maze.

Matrona uses her magic to try and break through the walls in order to walk through the maze at ease, but it just recovers to its original state.

Diane tries to jump on top of the walls to walk along it but the maze prevents her from doing so smacking her back down to the ground.  It made me wonder whether or not Meliodas and the others just fly to the boulder, or whether the same magic would prevent this?

The maze’s entrance also disappears so the too giantess cannot escape.  They are trapped and forced to compete, I wonder how many potential competitors were merely just passing through and got caught in the maze.  Would they also be forced to fight?

We see that this maze is the first round of the tournament in order to whittle down competitors for the main fight, which I’m assuming is going to be the same as Vaizel’s previous tournament in which competitors fight in knock out rounds to progress into the finals.

Diane loses Matrona and we see some interesting looking characters that the gang may have to fight.  It seems as though both Matrona and Diane were hallucinating, could this be due to the magic of the maze?  It gives off a kind of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire feel to it.

After a while Diane stumbles across Hawk, not remembering who he is and tries to eat him, which he really did not appreciate in the slightest.  Just before Diane can eat him Elizabeth appears.  It seems maybe she will be able to help Diane regain her memory.

Hawk copy.png

Hawk mentions “master” having great intuition, by this he probably means Merlin.  So we can assume her and the rest of the gang we saw training with Meliodas made it into the maze also.

I give a 3/5 for this chapter, it was a nice set up for what’s to come, but it wasn’t very exciting.  Let’s hope the next chapter picks up the pace a little bit.



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