Platinum End Chapter 2 Review

The color page was beautiful, I really missed Obata’s artwork since Bakuman ended.

In this chapter Nasse explains more about the arrow and wing.  We find out that the wings can outrun the arrow, but does this account for the white arrow as well as the red arrow?

We also see that once you shoot the red arrow, your target will love you for up to 33 days. The introduction of the white arrow for killing,made things more interesting and I see how the series is getting a little bit more like Death Note in a sense.

Mirai is sticking to his morals which I like a lot, I hope he manages to stay this way, though it is pretty doubtful with the competition he has, especially the new character we are introduced to at the end of the chapter.

I also thought it ironic how Nasse is the devil on Mirai’s shoulder so to speak.  Her character is very troublesome, she seems innocent and acts as though she wants Mirai to be happy, but is she manipulating him for her own selfish wishes?

The scene with the comedian was erm… I’m not sure how I felt about that really.  It was strange to see something like that from Obata and Ohba but I suppose it did a good job at getting across how much of a scumbag that character really was.  They did a good job at making him unlikable.  It was also strange to see the girls he was taking advantage of, as it was clear they were a reference to the group AKB48, I wonder how the girls felt about that if they’ve read it…

Though, the character who kills him, what’s with his suit? Maybe he is rich or perhaps he manipulated somebody with the red heart in order to make it or give it to him?  Though it seems its purpose is to hide his identity, it would be interesting if it had other functions too though.

In the latter half of the chapter we find out that Mirai has a girl he likes: Hanakago Saki.  It’s possible that she could be the catalyst the Mirai’s change of heart, possibly through her death or rejection of him.  I feel as though it could be Nasse that interferes with the two in order to get Mirai to act in a way she wants him to.

Though back to the character who took out the comedian, is it somebody that Mirai knows perhaps?  Possibly somebody from his school or an old friend, I’m excited for interaction between the two.  It would be interesting if it were an old bully of Mirai’s or something of the like and this is what drives him to want to use the white arrow to kill and claim the God title.

It was interesting to see how exactly the battle or fight for God will go down, it seems the white arrow will be the key to the fights and the wings as a counter to the arrow, as we know now they are the only things that can outrun them.

It seems as though Mirai’s change of character is inevitable, especially as Mirai does not even want to become God right now.  Though I’m sure something will appear that changes his mind.

This chapter was a great continuation of the first and my interest is still peaked, I give this one a 4/5.


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