One Piece Film Gold And 2016 to be the year of Sanji?!

We have more news on One Piece Film Gold from Jump Festa thanks to Tumblr user Yoshi4sushi who reports the One Piece community on the recent updates and news for the series.

The villain for this movie is names “Gild Dorado”, apparently he wears a lot of jewelry and has a buff body.  This doesn’t sound like the character that Oda revealed in an issue of Shonen Jump, but then again it’s not unusual for characters to have a change of outfit in a movie.

It seems Luffy in this movie will don a cowboy outfit and some sunglasses, I’m interested to see this look and whether it suits his character or not.  This could be one of his outfits for the film alongside “Kintaro Luffy”, as we’ve seen Luffy change clothes on movies before, having sported an Armani designed costume in One Piece Film Z.

Kintaro Luffy Clearfile

Though unrelated to One Piece Film Gold, a letter was read at Jump Festa’s One Piece panel written by Eiichiro Oda, in which he stated that 2016 will be the year of Sanji.  Oda himself stated that we will get to know the origins of the birth of Sanji and why the government want him alive.
It won’t be too long until we get to find out Sanji’s history.  Is he royalty, is he related to the World Government higher ups in some way?  While we wait, check out some interesting fan theories that may have the answer.

We also get a clear scan of the poster for One Piece Film Gold.

Keep checking back for more news from Jump Festa.


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