Big Boruto News!

So it’s confirmed. After the countdown to “The Next Generation” finished, it was announced Saturday by Masashi Kishimoto that his assistant will be working on a monthly spin off series called: “Boruto”.

The name of said assistant is Mikio Ikemoto, though Kishimoto is not drawing the manga it is said that he will supervise its monthly serialization.  Ukyo Kodachi who worked on the screenplay for Boruto: Naruto the movie will be the writing the series, while Ikemoto illustrates.  The manga will start in Spring 2016 in which it seems we will also get one last One-Shot for Boruto by Kishimoto himself.  Probably as a means to set up for Ikemoto and Kodachi to take the stage with the monthly serialization.

What do you guys think, will this monthly serialization be the typical 19 pages we usually see in Shonen Jump comics, or as this is a monthly serialization will we see a more lengthy 40 pages per chapter?  I believe we are likely to get a 40 page chapter for Kishimoto’s one-shot and then 19 pages or so for the monthly chapters, in a similar fashion to Dragon Ball Super’s monthly release. 

Either way, it seems as though we could also see a continuation of the Naruto anime through this Boruto manga and could be the reason why the anime is currently stuck in filler, so they do not catch up to the manga too fast.

Keep checking back for more news and updates from Jump Festa.


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