Pokemon XY&Z News

We have two new trailers thanks to the official Pokemon Youtube channel.  The first being a trailer for things to come in the new year and the second being a showing off of Volcanion in the Pokemon movie for 2016.

We will have a two hour special on New Years Eve, entitled “All Mysteries Explained! Pokémon XY&Z Complete Master Special!!”.  It seems that we will get an explanation of some mysteries in the anime, hopefully we get more on what exactly Ash-Greninja is and why it is happening to the pair. We also get to see more of Ash’s battles against Alain and Shota, it’s always great to see Ash-Greninja in action.

The next trailer we see more of Volcanion, he looks huge! Although the Mythical Pokemon is only said to be around 1.7 meters.  Though it does look very cool in this trailer. Volcanion is looking nice and powerful, this trailer did make me more excited to see it in action.


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