Dragonball Super Chapter 7 Spoilers

We finally have new character designs for the new characters featured in the Universe Tournament arc.  Furthermore we have the date that the Champa Arc is set to air for the anime in Japan: 4th January 2016.

In the upper half of the first image we have universe 7’s fighters including the mysterious pink fighter who is the strongest fighter Beerus has ever faced. I did not expect that kind of look but now I’m interested to see his fighting style. 
On the bottom half we have a character that looks like Cooler, another that looks like Freiza, could they be apart of the same race?

There’s another character that looks like humanoid, could he be a Saiyan or perhaps even just human?  I feel he’s more likely to be Saiyan as Champa last chapter said he would get some Saiyans also.  He kind of resembles Vegeta’s brother Tarble, from the Yo! Son Goku and Friends special.


Above we also have a closer look at the Pink fighter for Universe 7 with another scan from the manga.


We also have a robot/android like character and a yellow bear. I’m interested to see how exactly they fight. We should have the chapter soon to keep visiting for more updates and spoilers.


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