Corocoro (コロコロ) January Leak

So we’ve all been waiting the past week for Corocoro to leak, as we were told there was going to be some big Pokemon news.  Well it’s finally here.

Turns out the big news is the unveiling of the last mythical Pokemon of the 6th generation: Volcanion.  As predicted in my post about the date of the Pokemon XY&Z movie, Volcanion is to star in the upcoming film alongside Perfect Form Zygarde.  With the movie due to start showing on July 16th 2016.

With the final mythical Pokemon now official, is it possible that Fall next year in the 20th year anniversary of the games we will be seeing the 7th generation of Pokemon?

It’s possible that in this movie or in the short beforehand we will get to see some new 7th generation Pokemon in action, or hopefully at least one.  This has been done many times in the past after all.

Anyway, it seems this is all the Pokemon news we will be getting in this issue, but if anything else comes up I’ll be sure to keep you updated.  Keep checking back for more updates and clearer images.


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