Shokugeki No Souma Chapter 147 Review

It was great to see the announcement of the second season of the anime. The Christmas themed colour spread with Soma as Santa and Erina and Tadokoro as Reindeers was funny and endearing, I guess this is an early gift for us Food Wars! fans, or late seeing as we won’t get to see it until 2016.

Soma continues to tease Eizan and the judges throughout this chapter, is it wrong that it’s fun to see Eizan’s character suffer like this?  Rindou also tastes Soma’s dish and we see her react in the usual way the characters do when food is delicious, although she was fully clothed so I guess it’s still not quite to an elite ten standard.

Rindou .png

The secret ingredient being ketchup was very entertaining, obviously a home made version as opposed to Heinz brand, but ketchup as a special ingredient is still petty funny to me, it really fits Soma being “a commoner” since ketchup is probably the most commonly used sauce.  It did make me wanna try to make my own though.

It was very interesting to see how Erina views  the Polar Star dorm and how they contradict her advice but prove her Golden Tongue to be wrong. All the members of the dorm have this quality, all being “sore losers” just like Soma, I guess that is why they all get along so well.

It seems like it is being set up for the Polar Star Dorm to challenge the elite ten and Azami’s rule.  Watching them fight against the rulers of Tootsuki could be amazing!

This chapter verified for me that Soma really does have a silver tongue, his prodding and teasing lead to the judges becoming interested enough to actually taste his dish, though it’s true there was one who was resisting a lot, he still tasted it leading to Soma’s overwhelming victory against Eizan and his first win against an Elite Ten member.

Though since Soma won his shokugeki against Eizan, will this spur others to challenge him or other elite ten members to save their respective clubs? This could lead to a lot of students being expelled, though it wouldn’t surprise me to see the rest of the Polar Star member’s trying to fight for and save certain clubs.  Though if students are expelled from Tootsuki, are there other cooking schools that they could go too?  It makes me wonder whether we could see some cook off’s between members of Tootsuki and different schools, maybe this is how the best cooking school is decided.  Hopefully we’ll see something like this with some new characters later on down the line,  I could see this being a story arc if Soma and the rest manage to reach Elite Ten level later in the story.

Soma vistory.png

Either way its great to know we will see the Polar Star dorm able to stay, with the edition of Erina of course.  I also wonder what her reaction would be to Soma winning against an Elite Ten member?  I still feel as though there will be a rift between the Elite Ten, especially as we have two now amongst the Polar Star Dorm.

It’s a 4/5 for this chapter.  Shokugeki no Souma has been very entertaining recently, I wish I could have read the past few chapters and the ones to come in a marathon style.  It would be a pleasure to go back and read this series from the start again.


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