Pokemon The Movie XY & Z News

We have an official date for the Pokemon Movie set to air in 2016: July 16th.  So yet another Summer Pokemon movie.

As it seems to be the last year in which we will have the 6th generation of games, the last event legendary of this generation: Volcanion has to be involved in the movie somehow.  As Zygarde is the “Order Pokemon” and protects nature and the Earth, it is possible that Volcanion (being volcano themed) could pose as a threat to nature somehow.  This movie could be about a battle between them.  Though it is possible that this movie could be connected to the series and considered a canonical event.

Lets hope we get some more news in the issue of Corocoro for this month.

In the meantime, what do you guys think this movie could be about and do you think it could be canon to the series storyline?


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