Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Gets 2nd Season

In Monday’s Weekly Shonen Jump we will get the announcement that Food Wars! is to get a second season of the anime running in 2016.  This announcement lines up with the third year of serialisation the comic has in the weekly magazine.


We can likely assume that Crunchyroll will stream the second season of Food Wars! as they did the first.  It’s great to see that it join the ranks of other seasonal Shonen Jump anime, hopefully following the popularity of others such as Kuroko’s Basketball and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – other great series you should watch if you haven’t seen them before.

My assumption is that the second set of episodes will feature the final events of the tournament up until the introduction of the mysterious new character Azami.  I will not go into details so not to spoil anime only viewers, but it’s great to see the rising popularity of Shokugeki no Soma means a continuation of its anime.

Also, if you haven’t read the manga yet, what are you doing?!  Use the waiting time for the second season to catch up on the series.  The anime is great, but the manga has been amazing with most chapters leaving you too curious to not read the next.  So catch on up guys!

Don’t forget to keep visiting for updates and news on the announcement of this second season as well as reviews for the weekly chapters.


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