One Piece Film: Gold (ワンピース フィルム ゴールド)

It looks as though we have some news on the upcoming One Piece movie, thanks to a scan from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.  It is titled “One Piece: Film Gold” and premiers in Japan July 23rd 2016.

One Piece Creator: Eiichiro Oda is executive producer for this film again just as he was for  Film Z and Strong World.  Which is great news as these two in my opinion are the best two One Piece films.  We also know that Tsutomu Kuroiwawho was involved with the live action movie: Liar Game: The Final Stage as will as the live action Black Butler movie is writing the script.

As Oda himself is not writing the script, it’s likely this film will not be canonical to the One Piece storyline, though it is very possible it will involve some canon information or tie ins such as past movies like Film Z and Strong World have.

Though we are left to wonder about the contents of this film.  From the name alone I would assume we may get some more information about Roger.  Could we perhaps learn about Roger’s strength or abilities?  I feel as though if we are to get any canon material in this movie and the assumption that Roger may be important to the movie is correct, then we may finally see Roger’s bounty.

I wonder also if Buggy and Shanks will be making an appearance in this movie, maybe even if it is just to give some kind of insight on Roger and his character.

Though Luffy is visible in the poster and is the main character in the series so I feel as though whatever is going to happen in this movie will mainly revolve around him.  Could we see some more connections between Luffy and Roger in this film?  Maybe somebody who has met Roger gives more insight into how similar the two are.

Though we aren’t really left with much to go on other than the name of the film, It’s likely we will get more news and information this December in the coming Jump Festa. Hopefully with the increase of anime movies getting showings in the west, we may also see this subtitled and shown in the US and Europe in a similar fashion to Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come!


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