Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 69 Review

So we see that Ochako decides she doesn’t love Deku, though I’m still not convinced of this, she was definitely panicking and thinking way too much about it.  There’s no doubt that she at least has a soft spot for him.

I honestly did not recognise Shigaraki without his costume.  I wonder how and why his face is so dried and cracked, maybe it is due to his ability and the effect it has on his body.

I’m somewhat glad that he finally found his conviction as a villain, being to kill All Might.  It seems he may become the One for All to Deku’s All for One.  He is shaping up to be an interesting villain, Deku needs to get a lot stronger for their next encounter as he was threatened with death the next time.  Hopefully in this time Deku can learn to control his powers better, maybe through some secret lessons with All Might?

Though, their encounter did look suspicious to me, Tomura was even strangling Deku and nobody noticed or said anything?  That seemed odd to me.


It seems that Tomura was very jealous of the hero killer and discovers he hates both him and Deku because of their respect for All Might.  I’m not sure if this reason was good enough for him to justify what he is doing, but I suppose in order to feel secure about what he is doing he needs to figure out some kind of reason and goal for his antics.  Though All Might being the “symbol of peace” makes the public at ease, Tomura wants to destroy this and make sure they realize they are not safe.  So I guess in some ways, he wants everybody to know that the world isn’t perfect and fine and safe and his way of doing this is to kill All Might.

Though Ochako turned up in time and called the police and requested a hero, I doubt they will find him in time.  It’d be weird oif he got caught so easily after that encounter with Deku.

The smile Tomura did was extremely creepy and showed off how truly villainous his character is.  I enjoyed the artwork in this chapter, but that panel specifically was great.


I loved Deku’s courage in and honesty in his chapter as he stood up to Tomura with his words.  I feel like his spirit is shaping into a great hero to take All Might’s place.  Though I feel like it’s only a matter of time before villains start to discover All Might is weakening, especially with Tomura’s goal now being to take out All Might so people no longer live comfortably and with hope.  This chapter set up things for the future nicely and we finally got some interesting interaction between Deku and Tomura.

I rate this chapter 4/5.


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