One Piece Chapter 808 (ワンピース 808) Review

So it turns out that Captain Jack is the Mammoth from last chapter, props to everybody out there who payed attention to the clues throughout the previous chapters and managed to theorize correctly.  RogersBase’s theory video in particular is one the comes to mind.  We get a nice introduction to Jack this chapter, learning his nickname is “Jack the Drought”, it seems that the other two of Kaido’s top henchmen also have titles related to natural disasters.  I wonder could X Drake be one of them?  Drake the Tornado maybe?  Well, I guess that’s something we will learn in the chapters to come.

Jack seems to be an unreasonable guy, but pretty powerful.  The way he disregarded that old mink’s words and went straight for violence showed what type of character he is.  The opposite to the Straw Hats who talk or run out of battle if possible.

We also see that Jack has two different groups with him from Kaido’s fleet: The Pleasures and the Gifters.  The Gifters were the more interesting, having animal parts attached to them, could these be Kaido’s artificial zoans, or are they something entirely different, like failed experiment of Caesar’s?

Jack Mammoth

It was awesome that all the mink can defend themselves and fight, even the younger ones.  Though I’m left wondering is their electric shock type ability a variant of haki or is this something exclusive to the mink people?  It’s possible the answer could be both, I feel like it’s probably something to do with their haki and their fur maybe, since all mink people have fur. My theory is that this could be an ability we see Chopper learn.  Chopper is strong but I feel like now he is on an island of people similar to him, it is his chance to gain a power up, hopefully by learning this technique the minks use as well as others.  He could become an even more powerful asset to the Straw Hats if he gains an ability like this.

Luffy as per usual is ignorant to what he is doing and saying the first thing on his mind – mentioning the two samurai they came with, so Nami, Brook and Ussop give him a beat down.  This was hilarious and it’s been a while since we’ve seen Luffy beaten and bruised without the use of haki.  It was nice to see that gag again after a while. Lucky for the group it seems as though Wanda didn’t hear and moved on from it pretty fast.

Mugiwara shock

Though it no makes sense as to why Oda left the samurai behind or the Straw Hats definitely would not have been welcomed onto Zou, it’s a good thing that conflict was avoided.

This chapter we are also introduced to one of the king’s three musketeers of the kingdom – Lion Mink Sicilian was an interesting character, his diving bow was pretty entertaining and it should be even funnier to see that animated, though I haven’t been a fan of the One Piece anime for a little while.  Hopefully they pick up the pacing and animation quality before the Zou arc.

The King of Day –  Dogupine was HUGE!  He seems to be about the size of Whitebeard if not a bit bigger.  Even Luffy notes he seems strong, which must mean he has powerful haki.  Is it possible he has Conqueror’s haki, especially as he is titled as a king.  I wonder how strong exactly he is, hopefully that’s something we will get to see in the future.

By the end of the chapter we find out that it was Caesar’s  poison gas that was the weapon used to destroy Zou.  It doesn’t seem to be on the level of what we saw on Punk Hazard, but it still devastated the island and it’s inhabitants.  This must mean that Jack has Caesar, but  where is Sanji?  Did he decided to go with them?  Oda is holding out on what happened with Sanji, hopefully this is explained by the next chapter as we’ve all been pretty patient with it so far…  That being said the chapter was pretty interesting and we learned a little bit,  but there are still some things we need to see, I’ll give this one a 3/5.


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