Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 145 Review

These judges are so biased it hurts, I can’t wait for Souma to do something crazy to shock them.  Having his business partners be the judges was an ultimate low move.  There’s no way Souma can lose this Shokugeki though, it is too important.  I can’t imagine the Polarstar dorm being disbanded let alone Souma being expelled.

I am still confused by Rindou’s character, she’s likeable on the surface, but on the other hand there’s something about her that does not sit right with me, well she is one of the Elite Ten that decided to overthrow Sanzaemon Nakiri. Though that play by the Elite Ten and Azami made things more interesting as it may shake things up within the Elite Ten themselves.  I’m hoping to see some of them face off against the others in disagreement of what happened.

Eizan continues to be unlikeable, turning off Souma’s gas while he was cooking made that applicable tenfold.  Once again we see Souma’s angry face, which means he is about to show off some amazing food in retaliation to Eizan’s behavior.  He will definitely get his revenge in the form of his Satsuma Jidori dish.

Souma - Angry Face

Souma really seems to know his stuff even if the judges decided to lecture him, I’m sure there’s a way he can correct the aftertaste and win this fight against Eizan.  Especially as he still seems confident even after he tasted Eizan’s Hainan Ji Fan dish.

Souma teasing Eizan was priceless, especially the comical face that Eizan pulled.  It shows that Eizan’s character isn’t as cool and composed as he likes to make out he is.

Souma - Eizan face.png

When reading this chapter, I was thinking: what will the complications of Souma defeating an Elite ten member be?  Eizan did not bet his seat, but will Nakiri Azami demote Eizan for his loss and recruit Souma?  This is doubtful as we know he does not like Souma, though I wonder if he will start to gain respect for Souma.  Though it’s more likely he will lose respect for Eizan to losing to somebody who he considers to be such a low caliber chef.

This chapter i will give a 4/5.  I’m waiting in anticipation for Souma’s dish. This series always gets me excited when waiting to see how Souma’s dish will hold up against his competitor.  I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s chapter.


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