The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 151 Review (七つの大罪 151)

It was great that we got to see Matrona’s story of survival and it was interesting to see how her character has evolved from how we’ve seen her previously, now being a lot more relaxed and a little less of a fighter.  Diane being the one to indirectly save her was very poetic and was a nice touch to the chapter.

Interestingly enough we see Matrona teaching Diane to dance.   It looks like the dance could help give Diane a power up of sorts.  It seems as though feeling the earth and it’s power could have a connection with Diane’s sacred treasure, which we’ve seen tearing up the ground.  It is possible she could possibly unify the dance and her sacred treasure to help strengthen her attacks.  Hopefully this could be the power up that gives Diane a better shot at beating one of the Ten Commandments.

It also caught my interest that they referred to their giant ancestors as God’s – does this have relevance to the Goddess Clan that the Druids worship?  Are Giant’s maybe even a race of Demi God’s who have the blood of the Goddess within them?  The Giants do live a long life after all, with Diane having been alive for over hundreds of years.  The introduction of Matrona’s human partner also made me wonder whether it were possible of not for two different clans such as the humans and the giants to be able to breed.  It also got me wondering, what does it mean to be a Goddess in the Taizai universe?  I feel that we may not get an answer to this until after the battle with the Ten Commandments though.

Anyway, why does Diane keep losing her memory?!  I hope this doesn’t happen a lot more in the future of Taizai, I feel like it’s possible for Nakaba to keep abusing this trait of Diane in order to reset Diane’s character a bit, but I’m hopeful that this might be the last time we see this.  I believe it is for good reason now as we may see Diane come back with a graceful yet powerful style, which would be very interesting to see.

Though I am left to wonder – how will she get her memory back?  By seeing  Meliodas at the tournament perhaps?  I wonder how Hauser would feel about Diane losing her memory, seeing as he has an obviously for her, it may be crushing for him to know she has forgotten him .

I thought the news of the tournament was awesome and was an exciting set up for the following chapters!  The last tournament in Vaizel was great and so to see a repeat with our favourite character’s enhanced power should be fun.  I’m excited to see Meliodas’ new power up, but more so I’m excited to see Gilthunder partake as we did not see him fight in the last tournament.  I would also love to see the great and powerful Hawk compete with his new form, I feel like that could be pretty amusing.  Nakaba did some nice foreshadowing with the use of Matrona’s name by Diane in the last tournament and it will be interesting to see what role Matrona will have in it all.

The black haired girl seems to have a history with Meliodas.  Could she have perhaps been a former romantic interest or partner?


If that is the case and she is romantically interested in Meliodas, than this could set up for a fight between her and Diane, as although Diane really loves King, she may partially regain her memory as she did last time.  It’d be a great way to show off a power up for Diane.  We may also get to see Meliodas’ controlled rage if this member of the Ten Commandments hurts Elizabeth in any way.

The artwork as per usual was beautiful in this chapter and it made for nice set up for the upcoming tournament arc.  Though I am a little frustrated at Diane’s loss of memory.  I’m gonna give this chapter a 3.5/5.


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