Kuroko No Basket – Extra Game Chapter 6

This chapter was a great way for team Vorpal Swords to make their comeback.  I loved the use of Akashi and Midorima’s partnership.  In the original manga it always seemed that back in their days on the same team at Teiko, these two were the closest to each other, so it was nice to see them work well together as a team.  Even having a strong enough trust in Akashi as he does his current partner Takao, Midorima was able to make his three point shots consecutively with his “Sky Direct 3 Point shots”.  This showed that though they hadn’t played together in a long time, their partnership and trust is still at an all time high and that was a moment I liked a lot.

It was especially nice since Midorima has been pretty much neglected in the game up until this point so it’s great to see him get some time to shine.  Being the one that helped them close the gap the most this chapter, he was really the character who stood out the most.  I feel as though his character is underrated in the series.

I’m still waiting for Murisakibara to take the spotlight, hopefully he will be able to enter the zone in order to take on Silver, though it was great to see him get a few moments of shine time in this chapter too with his dunk and block.  Though I would most definitely like to see more of him in the chapters to come.

The revelation at the end of this chapter that Nash also has emperor’s eye was shocking but makes for a very interesting set up.  I look forward to seeing how much more honed his ability is than Akashi’s, also whether they are exactly the same or whether there are slight differences in their abilities.

This also begs the question: will we perhaps see Kuroko’s pseudo emperor’s eye in order to help Akashi take down Nash?  I mean for the titular character, he hasn’t really had a lot of moments to show off his ability or made a major impact in this spin off so far.  It would be great if we could see the partnership between Akashi and Kuroko to take down Nash.  Though it might be likely we see a repeat of Kuroko and Kagami taking down emperor’s eye, I would much rather see Akashi be the one to do so, as he also has this ability.

This chapter was a great addition to the previous chapters and this series has been exciting every chapter we get.  It really is a shame we have to wait so long between every chapter.  This chapter I will give a 4/5, there were some great moments and it was awesome to see Miorima take the spotlight, though I would really like to see Murisakibara have his moment soon.


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