Digimon Adventure Tri – Reunion Review

Digimon Adventure Tri – Reunion is an 80 minute film comprised of a compilation of four new episodes, created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Digimon franchise. 

I went into this not knowing much about it other than it being set three years after the events of Digimon Adventure 02, but was most pleasantly surprised.

In episode 1 we see that Taichi is finding life boring without his friends, missing his Digimon friends as well as his fellow Digidestined, who are all busy with their own lives.  It seems he is in an awkward transition period where he does not know what do do with his life – I’m sure we have all been there at some point, some of us even know, so I found this to be very relatable.  He misses his friends dearly although too stubborn to say, it seems as though Yamato is the same way.

It was nice to see the companionship between Tai and Mat has not changed, their friendship and competitiveness still seemed to be there, which was nice to see.  Though, It seemed that Sora is conflicted with her feelings between Tai and Mat.

We see the DigiDestined from Season 2 being taken out by a mysterious creature, I am curious as to why Hikari and Takeru are not with them.  To me this was one of the most intriguing parts of Reunion as by the end we still do not have an answer as to what happened to them.  It also made me wonder, are the original DigiDestined not concerned for them, do they not keep in contact with the new 4 from Digimon Adventure 02?  I guess this is something we may see the answer to in the second part – “Determination”.

Then we hit episode 2 – Fight between Kuwagamon and Greymon was very cool, visually nice, though caused a lot of destruction which is an important setup for the future episodes.  It seems that this is the difference between fights in the digital world and the human world. People’s lives are at risk and maybe the Digidestined will learn to be a bit more careful in their future fights or find a way to prevent human casualties and collateral damage. .

It was really nice to see the whole gang is finally reunited apart from Jo, who seems to be oblivious to the whole thing.

Hearing the OST for the Digimon’s evolution again was beautiful and nostalgic, it was also great to see them battle and team up to fight off the three Kuwagamon.  The action scenes were nice and crisp, though I did wonder why Gatomon did not evolve, it has been a long time since I had watched any of the Digimon Adventure series, so maybe there is something I am missing here.  The mysterious hand that seemed to come from the Digiworld to grab the last Kuwagamon that took down Garurumon was very menacing and seems to be a setup for a final villain in this series.

During episode 3 we see that The Digimon are being ridiculed and outcast by people on the news and in public due to the injuries and damaged they caused during battle.  This causes a rift between Tai and Mat who a

Izzy’s crush on Mimi and her joking nature has not changed.  Mimi may be the most consistent character in the Digimon franchise.  She enrolled in first year of High school, in the same class as Izzy.  Jo even comments how she hasn’t changed in the slightest.  Taichi on the other hand has changed.  He is scared and seems feeble compared to his former self.  Him and Yamato argued about Tai’s lack of defense for their fellow Digimon and cut their meeting short.  Back to Izzy for a moment, it was pretty endearing watching him create a whole system in order to search for fashionable clothes to impress Mimi, it’s very intriguing how the cast has matured and grown up.  Watching them face problems we would have faced as they age as we have is very entertaining, though I love how they still stay true to their original character.

A shy girl named Meiko also transfers and acts strange around the DigiDestined.  It seemed like she had something to hide and it was obvious she was linked with the mysterious rookie level Digimon that kept appearing in in transition scenes.

It was interesting to know of the Digital Unit dealing with “infected Digimon” – Digimon who have become stronger and go on rampages, somehow passing through the digital world though the digital gate is closed.  Though it made me wonder whether the other four Digidestined: Daisuke, Ken, Iori and Miyako from Adventure 02 working for this company.  If so why were Hikari and Takeru not recruited?

Izzy, being the genius that he is he makes a cyber space for the Digimon to stay in where they can freely slip in and out of the real world into a digital one behind a computer or monitor.  They can even text their DigiDestined or be called upon when needed.  I thought this was pretty awesome and makes things a lot more convenient for the DigiDestined now that their counterparts have somewhere to relax and stay while they go about their daily lives.

In episode 4 we see more of Izzy’s genius, he altered Tai’s goggles to be able to see digital space and distortion as a means to help them see when a Digimon would be coming.

The gang pair Tai and Mat together in a Ferris Wheel so they can talk things out.  Tai explains the reason why he has changed saying “I see more and I understand less”, he wasn’t sure if what they were doing was right as people were getting hurt, admitting he’s not what he used to be, but Mat said he is just running away, as they are the ones who can do something they should take responsibility.  It was also funny to see Agumon and Gabumon watching them through Izzy’s laptop like curious parents.

Suddenly Alphamon turned up looking for Meiko’s Digimon partner Meicoomon who was indeed the mysterious rookie level Digimon.  It caused a lot of destruction as the DigiDestined and their champion level Digimon fought it, they did not stand a chance.  Tai was still feeble and could not fight, becoming upset by the destruction the fighting was causing, but with some convincing from Mat the two of them made Omegamon who fought equally with Alphamon, but before he could finish it off Alphamon escaped.  The fight was epic and I look forward to seeing a rematch between these two Digimon.

After the ending credits roll we see a short scene with Jo he is seen turning off the television to the news of the Alphamon fight as he continues studying.  It seems as though he does not want to participate i helping the rest of the gang.  IT was also interesting to note how Jo also has a girlfriend, although comically the rest of the gang didn’t believe him.

Tai doesn’t seem sure by the end whether he wants to continue fighting but Mat says he’s grateful he didn’t run away at least.  It is ironic that the DigiDestined of Courage – Tai, is now afraid.  Though I’m sure that Mat and the others will help him regain his courage.  This could link to the name of the next film in the series – determination.  Though it seems we have to wait until February for the continuation of the series and to see what happened to the younger DigiDestined as well as seeing Tai and Jo’s decisions on whether they will continue to fight or not.

In all it was great to see the original cast of DigiDestined together again, it was nostalgic and my concern for the characters well being and the initial connection I felt with them as a child was still there and that was a nice feeling to have while watching the film.  The dynamic between the characters is still great and it was a great continuation and evolution pf their respective characters.  For example it was funny to see that Takeru has become somewhat of a womanizer and Izzy a young entrepreneur.

For a set-up off what is to come in the future, these first four episodes together were perfect.  It would not have been as good an experience if we were made to wait for them all weekly, watching these all together is the best way to do it.  It was nostalgic and we got a lot within these few episodes but it still allowed us to look forward to the next set of episodes in March 2016 for some answers to the mysterious this film left behind.  This was easily a 5/5.


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