Dragon Ball Super: Breaking News

More spoilers have leaked for chapter 6 of Dragon Ball Super and it seems that just as Universe 7 (The residence of Goku and the other Z warriors), has them, Universe 6 also holds residence to Saiyans.

We now know since Champa tells his attendant Vados that if Beerus has Saiyans on his team, he should have some on his team too.

Now, this makes me wonder how strong exactly are these Saiyans?  Could they have perhaps achieved the God form and climbed to heights higher than Goku and Vegeta’s newly dubbed “Super Saiyan Blue”.  I feel like this could be a great chance for us to see a form that surpasses even that.

The Planet Vegeta of Universe 6 may even still be around and may not have been destroyed by Freiza.  In fact it may not even be called planet Vegeta, we may get to see an alternate universe where Bardock or somebody in Goku’s lineage is king as well as an alternate version of the Saiyans we know and love.

What do you guys think?  Would you like to see alternate versions of Goku and Vegeta, maybe even seeing characters like Raditz and Nappa survive, or would you like to see some fresh new Saiyans?  I feel like the later is more likely as Toriyama said he wanted to introduce a lot of new characters for the Dragonball Super Anime.

Either way it looks like the Universe 6 Tournament arc should be one of the most exciting things we’ve seen in Dragon Ball for a long time.


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