The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 149 Review (七つの大罪 149)

Escanor truly showed why he is named the sin of pride, with his arrogant behavior although as we see in this chapter was very justified.  He is a character that is difficult not to like though, due to his extremely timid side balancing his arrogance in his powerful form in the sun.

Garan has been shown to b a prideful demon, possibly even the most prideful out of all the Ten Commandments and I believe that has been to set up for this battle we saw between these two this chapter.  Escanor embarrassed Garan By cutting him in half while not even trying to kill him and out of rage and possibly fear Garan shows his true power.

Though unknown to Garan who furiously shows his full power, the sin of pride was still a lot stronger than the demon.  I was expected a long fight between the two but Garan took a swing at Escsnor with his scythe only to put a minor dent in his arm.  This makes me wonder just how strong exactly is Escanor?  I thought Meliodas with his regained strength had ridiculous power, but the display of strength we saw from Escanor this chapter made even Meliodas seem weaker.

After seeing Escanors overwhelming strength Garan runs, only to turn to stone due to him having lied about never fleeing from a battle.  I thought it was very smart of Nakaba to defeat Garan with his own ability.  I feel as though this could be a theme for the Demon’s of the Ten Commandments, barring Meliodas’s brothers that is.

This chapter was action packed and was a great start in the defeat of the Ten Commandments, it also gave us more flesh on the bones of Escanor’s character.  A great chapter in all, I rate this one 5/5.


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