Dragon Ball Super Chapter 6 Spoilers

Some very interesting spoilers seemed to have leaked regarding the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super.  It seems as though the same way Earth’s Dragon Ball’s were a copy of Namek’s, Namek’s Dragon Balls were a copy of the seven Super Dragon Balls.

According to the spoilers for the upcoming Dragonball Super chapter, the Namekians cut pieces from the Super Dragon Balls in order to create their own and unlike Earth and Namek’s, these Dragon Balls have a lot less limits.

Following on form the previous chapter’s plot where Beerus and Champa put on a bet, it seems the conditions are:

  • If Champa’s team win’s he gets to swap the Earth’s of each Universes.
  • If Beerus’ team wins he takes the 6 Super Dragon Balls that Champa has already collected.

The rules for the tournament have also been set.  It will be the same rules as Tenkaichi Buokai, although with one change: Being that Vegeta decided there should be a written test, so that brainless monsters would refrain from entering the tournament.

Though the most interesting part of these spoilers is the line up for Beerus’ team of fighters in the tournament.  The five fighters chosen are: Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Piccolo and a mysterious fighter who according to Beerus is the strongest fighter he has ever encountered.  This peaks a lot of interest, it seems this character is not a Saiyan or it is likely Beerus would have suspected him to be the one to accomplish Super Saiyan God.  I would love for this mysterious character to be a human who had trained intensely in order to reach that level. Although a joke I would love to see Saitama from One Punch Ma be this mysterious character.

I know, right now you’re probably thinking, “why isn’t Gohan taking part in the tournament?!”  Well the answer to that is that Vegeta did suggest for him to take part as he has the most potential out of all of them, but Goku declined for Gohan, saying that he has a family to take care of now.  This is pretty funny coming from Goku as he always leaves his family to go train, but I suppose he knows his wife doesn’t want his son to become like this.  I guess this means Goku really isn’t the worst father of all time.

It also seems like Bulma’s sister – Tights will make her debut appearance in Dragonball along with Jaco who was in the Resurrection of F movie.

All in all, it looks like we have some interesting thins to look forward to in the Dragon Ball Universe when the Resurrection of F story line has finished.


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