Platinum End Chapter 1 Review

The cover art was beautiful and our main character for this series – Mirai on the cover looked very reminiscent of Light from their earlier work: Death Note.

This chapter started off very surprising with Mirai’s suicide attempt at the start of the comic, only to be saved by a flying angel, definitely one of the most surprising opening scenes to a comic I’ve read, but not surprising coming from the author and artist combination of Obata and Ohba.

Mirai’s back story was a very sad one and sets up well as an explanation of the characters Mental breakdown this chapter.  His family passing away and the abusive treatment he had gone through gave you an explanation as to how his characters mental health had deteriorated throughout the years.

The revelation of Mirai’s Aunt and Uncle being the ones who killed Mirai’s instant family was very shocking, especially finding out something like this so early on; a shocking twist is something I would have expected to have been shown later on down the line but it was definitely well executed to reveal this so early on.

We also see that there be a battle for the title of God between Mirai and some other candidates, although we do not see who these candidates are yet.  I feel we may see the a potential candidate be somebody important to Mirai’s past like an old friend and I also get the feeling this angel by his side – Nasse could potentially be somebody very important to Mirai, possible his mother as she is so fixated on making him happy.

The concept of battling to become God reminds me a lot of Shaman King and the Shaman fight in order for the winner to be named Shaman King which is essentially God in the manga.  Being a fan of both Shaman King and Death Note, I’m pretty excited to see where this is going.

This series already seems a lot more brutal and bloodier than Death Note, as we see from Mirai’s aunt stabbing herself in the neck on the command that she should have been the one to have died.

This chapter was very captivating and definitely caught my interest, I’m definitely excited for the next chapter.  I rate this first opening chapter of Platinum End 5/5.


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