Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 141 Review

To start up the art style was beautiful.  It was a shame to see Kabutoyama expelled, he’d been showing up a fair bit since his introduction so I thought he’d be important to the series later on, but it was more of s set up to make his expulsion more shocking it seems.

Eizan paying off the judges was a very low move, it seems that with this it’s impossible to change the system, this way it ensures the elite ten members will remain the same too.

Yuuki’s reaction to the harsh news was sad and it was moving to see how affected the other Polar Star members were at their dorm shutting down.  Though I would have liked to see more of Isshiki as the seventh seat and his reaction, as a high ranking member of the academy you would think he would have a lot more say in what is going on here.

Watching Souma’s remember what his father said made me wonder what he would have done in this situation, it seems the answer is the same as Souma’s conclusion: Shokugeki.

This did not come at a surprise but it didn’t make that page any less awesome, Souma has no fear and that’s one of the most admirable aspects of his character.

It was a nice set up chapter and got me really curious and excited for the next, I give this one a 4/5 taking that into consideration.


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