The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 147 Review (七つの大罪 147)

This chapter of Sins ended with a lot of hype, but before getting to that let’s talk about the events leading up to this.  First of all Jericho’s determination to get away from the two Ten Commandment members they are faced with was admirable.  Not given up on both Ban and Elaine she showed her worthiness of becoming a Holy Knight, I had forgotten she was only an apprentice until she mentioned just then.  She also managed to win over Elaine, who gave her a heartfelt apology.  This makes me wonder whether Ban will start to accept Jericho and eventually give up on Elaine, although it’s evident that this is a long shot, I feel like it’s still possible as the story takes its course.  Jericho is definitely  character that deserves a happy ending regardless.

Grain’s beastly strength, creating meteorites by making boulders and swinging them as if playing gold with his axe showed how strong he is, especially as he was only toying with them.  This also goes to show how strong Meliodas is now, haven completely destroyed him in a previous chapter, though mind you Garan was weakened.

It was also nice to get an explanation in this chapter as to why Ban fell weak in the last chapter, as he can’t surpass a certain limit of strength.  I’m glad with was cleared up and it also clarifies that Ban’s ability is not as broken as it seems at first glance.

Now getting to the end of the chapter: it seems we finally have our final and apparently most powerful Sin – Escanor of Pride.  If I recall his strength increases massively during night time, although they are currently fighting in day, I’m curious as to whether Elaine could use some type of magic to bring out the moon and increase Escanor’s power so he can take on these two Ten Commandments.  We know for sure it’s Escanor as his axe we see him wield in a flashback chapter is on the wall, as well as naming his pub after Merlin – “Sweet Gluttony” his fellow sin and love interest.

Overall this chapter was a nice setup chapter and introduction to a new character I would rate this chapter 4/5 as it created a high anticipation for the next.


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