My Hero Academia Gets An Anime?!

In the 49th issue of Shonen Jump this year, we are due for a huge announcement for Kohei Horikoshi’s popular new series “Boku No Hero Academia”.

It has been just over a year since this awesome series has been serialized in Jump, but alongside the news that the series will be getting a new spinoff series – titled: Boku No Hero Academia Smash!! This secondary new “shocking announcement” seem mysterious.

I among many others believe that due to its popularity, we will already be seeing an anime for this series.  Especially as the web domain “” was just registered. An anime for this series can produce an even bigger spark in popularity in which we could see Boku No Hero get a similar treatment to Naruto and become more popular in the West also.

If this series is to get an anime, I would like to see it be picked up by a company like Madhouse, who have done an amazing job with another Jump series Hunter X Hunter (2011) and who’s new series is definitely peaking the interest of a lot of others, including myself: OnePunch Man.

Toei on the other hand have started to slack on their artwork and animation with popular series such as Dragonball and One Piece and I would not like to see this happen with a new series.

Let’s all hope if Boku No Hero gets an anime series, that it gets the treatment we all know it deserves with a beautiful art style akin to the manga and amazing animation.


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