One Piece Chapter 804 (ワンピース 804) Manga Review

First and foremost it feels so good to be able to read One Piece again after its break last week.  The cover page of this chapter was nice, getting to see Ace – my favourite character back for just one page was great, so that started off the chapter nicely for me.

Then we start to head into One Piece’s general craziness, as we find out that the thing falling towards the crew at the end of the last chapter was a monkey… A monkey that according to the two samurai was making ninja noises?  This makes me wonder whether that was their comrade they were searching for – Raizo, it is possible he has a zoan monkey fruit or something similar.  Though the samurai (and the monkey) seem to be further down the elephant than they were the start of the chapter, all the straw hat’s have finally made it to the top of the elephant and reached Zou.

Speaking of the elephant, as a fan of RogersBase: a popular Youtuber, I noticed he has theorized that as the elephant that is Zou is old enough to know the secrets of the void century, Chopper being half animal himself may be able to communicate with it and learn the secrets of the Void Century.  I believe Luffy may be the one to do this with his ability to “hear the voice of all things” just as Roger had. Luffy seemed to display this ability on Fishman Island when hearing the Sea Kings, so I feel like this could be a good chance to develop it further, by having him talking to or at least understand the elephant.

Robin was a highlight of the chapter, with her cute reactions towards the painted dragon the crew nicknamed “Ryunosuke”.  It was especially funny seeing her put flowers on his, for lack of a better word: grave.  Where did she even get those flowers from?!

Although the most interesting part of the chapter by far was “Carrot”, a rabbit girl of the minkmen tribe who even managed to catch the vigilant Zoro off guard.  She seemed pretty strong and it wasn’t entirely clear whether her being able to float was a devil fruit ability or not, but I look forward to seeing more or her.

The other character of the mink tribe we are introduced to, though unnamed had a striking resemblance to Nami and as Ussop pointed out was wearing her clothes.  Although as we know from the previous chapter featuring Nami and the rest, she is sporting a new outfit.  So we know that Nami in the rest are potentially on friendly terms with these two newly into exited characters, or at the very least have met them.  It could in fact be these two that reunite Luffy with the rest of his crew on the island.

With that I’ll wrap it up, this chapter was very enjoyable and seeing Zou for the first time and having been introduced with some new characters I’d rate this chapter a 7/10 or quite possibly an 8/10.  We were left with some mysteries but it was a great chapter to get into after One Piece’s break last week.


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